Hi there πŸ‘‹

My name is Val and I'm a start-up founder, programmer, husband, dad and someone who tries to be a good human every day.

I've had a long career in mobile app development and still consult as an Android & iOS developer as my main job. You can find some of my old blog posts on mobile development on Medium.

I love building & growing my own products and am using whatever extra time I have to do just that. My first venture into this was building Curated - a social network for discovering and browsing your favourite content. It got picked up and featured on the Google Playstore shortly after being released.

I took my learnings from it and decided to move into the web - a platform I hadn't had much experience in but one that I felt was much more open & accessible for startups. Most importantly - in web development you can iterate much quicker.

I am now actively developing Thankbox - an online card that lets you group together with colleagues or friends to celebrate someone’s special occasion by collecting messages, images, gifs, videos and cash. I am learning a lot while doing it - both about the technical side of web development but also about marketing & growing a startup efficiently.

Want to follow me and my work? You can reach me on Twitter and LinkedIn. I'm also active on IndieHackers.