Thankbox is where I am putting all of my energy in right now. It's a really simple & delightful online group card that everyone can collaborate on with messages and gifs. You can even collect cash from people for a gift. All for just $5.99.

Thankbox is fully bootstrapped and profitable. It's achieved the coveted $10k monthly revenue target and still growing. My goal is to get it to a point where it's making enough revenue for me to dedicate myself full time to it - which hopefully isn't far off. It's also my first major foray into full-stack and web development. I'm eager to blog about what I learn - both from the product & marketing sides and from the programming side.

The Idea

I got the idea one day when I was taking part in yet-another paper card signing + cash collection at the place I was contracting at the time. A colleague was leaving. This meant someone had to go buy the card (usually at the last minute), then try to "discreetly" pass it around the office along with an envelope to collect cash for a gift.

"There must be a better way to do this all just online" I thought. Thought turned into an idea, which turned into action. That action produced what I think is pretty nice result 👇

A sent Thankbox

The execution

From the very beginning I had simplicity and ease-of-use at the heart of the experience that Thankbox would offer. "It should be even easier than actually writing in a card" is what guided me. With the help of my brilliant designer, Barbara Asboth, Thankbox has managed to achieve that goal.

Every person I've talked to who's used it praises it for those qualities.

The challenge

The challenges I face with Thankbox are those that most other bootstrappers face. The main one being how do you grow it? More specifically how do you grow it on a budget?

I'll share what has worked and what hasn't for me in future posts.

In the meantime, why not visit Thankbox and have a look?

Thankbox: Group Card & Gift Collection
Group together with friends to celebrate someone’s special occasion with a digital card full of messages, images, videos, gifs and cash.